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Timeneye + Asana: The Complete Guide


Welcome to “Timeneye 101: Integrations edition”.

In this article, we’ll share the best tips on how to get the most out of the most popular among the Timeneye integrations: the Timeneye – Asana integration.

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  1. How does the Timeneye integration with Asana work?
  2. Synching Asana and Timeneye
  3. Adding the Browser Widget 
  4. How to track time in your Asana task
  5. How to find the asana Timeneye time in your dashboard 
  6. Keeping an eye on how much time you spend on a specific task

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools out there. It allows users to organize projects, create tasks and assign tasks to every user. 

How does the Timeneye integration with Asana work?

This is how you can track time for your Asana tasks, thanks to the Timeneye integration.

At the moment, the integration is provided in two ways:

  • Our natively-built integration, that synchs Asana projects and users with the project and users in Timeneye, and allows tracking time using the Asana comments (more on that later);
  • The Timeneye Browser Widget (available for Chrome and Firefox), that simply adds a little Timeneye button to track time by starting and stopping timers.

In theory, you could use either one or the other integration.

However, we suggest using them both. The native integration combined with the Widget provides the best experience for tracking time in Asana:

  • You can track time seamlessly without leaving Asana;
  • The native integration automatically syncs projects, so you don’t have to replicate them manually in Timeneye;
  • There’s an option called “Synchronization settings” for the integrations, that makes sure every new project and user in Asana is automatically imported and linked;
  • Timers (provided by the Browser Widget) are a much more accurate way to track time that estimating the amount spent.

Let’s see in detail how to benefit most from this integration.

Step #1: Connect Asana and Timeneye

In the Integrations section of the Workspace, Admins and Owners can connect the Asana and Timeneye Company accounts:

timeneye asana integration

This is the first step to set up the native integration. 

Step #2: Synch project and users

After you’ve followed the procedure, you should see the panel to manage the integration. At this point, you have to link and or synch your Asana projects and users to Timeneye.

  • You can do it manually from the Manage sections;
  • You can activate the synchronization and make sure everything is synched from Asana to Timeneye:
sync asana projects in timeneye

Careful!  If you start to automatically import Asana users, then every imported user from the Asana account will receive an invitation to join Timeneye. So make sure to check before confirming and potentially sending invitations to your whole company and clients. 🙈

Step #3: You can already track!

The native integration we built lets you track time without having to leave the Asana web app, in two ways:

  • You can enter the time you have spent in the comments. For example “1h15” or “75min”:
track time in asana tasks

If the task is assigned under a section, Timeneye will save the entry automatically. If the task is not under a section, it will appear in Timeneye as a Suggestion.

  • You can simply mark a task as completed.
track completed asana tasks

It will appear as a Suggestion.

Step #4:  Add the Widget

For a perfectly seamless experience tracking time in Asana, we recommend adding the Timeneye Browser Widget in the mix.

Once you’ve installed the widget, you’ll see a small button appear next to the Asana tasks. Click on the button to start and stop timers for that task.

Another cool thing you can do thanks to the widget is to instantly get a recap of all the time you tracked with the widget on that particular task.

track total time on asana tasks

How to visualize the time you tracked in Asana inside Timeneye

Now that you’ve all set, you can track your time without having to leave Asana and switch back and forth between the two apps. 

But when you do get back inside Timeneye, you’ll be able to see at a glance all the entries created on the dashboard, thanks to the Asana icon and the name of the task on the time card.

One of my timers while working on an Asana task 

How to search the time tracked for a specific Asana task

What if you have to list all the time entries tracked for an Asana task and create a report out of it?

There’s a useful feature available in the Entries section of the Workspace.

Once you’ve revealed all the filters, go into the Advanced filters section, and in the Notes and integration info field, start writing the name of the task.

see time tracking for asana tasks

You’ll see the full list of entries, that you can then export to PDF.

(If you’re not familiar with the cool features in the Entries list, I recommend checking this guide on the Top 5 features you can use in the Entries list)

Ready to achieve more with Asana and Timeneye? Use this integration now!

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