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How Timeneye Helps you Reach Business Goals


Is your business heading to success? 

If you set ambitious business goals, you also need the right plan and tools to reach them

In this article, we’ll outline which Timeneye features can support your goal tracking efforts.

Let’s dive in!

How Does Timeneye Help Me Reach Business Goals?

Time tracking can be an ally in any of a business daily challenges: from team productivity, to project management, from meeting deadlines, to billing clients.

In Timeneye, there are many features that you can use to reach your business goals and personal goals.

Whether you use SMART goals or OKR, or any other goal-setting framework, here are a few things you can do to support your goal efforts.

#1 Use Budgets To Keep Your Time And Resources On Track

The Timeneye budget feature is, first and foremost, a way of tracking the hourly budgets you have established with your clients.

timeneye project status update
Troubles on the way…

However, you can use this feature even if you don’t have any budget required by your contracts.

You can use the budgets to distribute the hours across the different projects. If you have to reach certain goals by a deadline, you have to be very careful about the effort and time you put into each project and task.

timeneye recurring budgets

So you can create budgets to give yourself a healthy limit of hours and make sure you’re not stuck too much into one specifically.

For example, you can try to stick to a maximum of 3 hours a week on a project or activity. The recurring budget feature and the budget recaps will help you see if you’re on track or you’re going overboard.

timeneye project phases

#2 Audit Your Time And Efforts 

Do you know how you’re managing your time? How much time do projects and tasks take you?

You won’t know if you don’t audit your time.

A time audit is useful to understand how you have been allocating your efforts, especially if you’re working against tight deadlines.

The Personal report shows exactly how many projects you have been working on.

timeneye personal time spent on projects

#3 Schedule Regular Audits With The Report Scheduling Automation

Speaking of auditing your time, when you’re working towards ambitious business goals, you will need to check in from time to time and update your KPI and progress.

If you don’t get into the habit of doing it regularly, it becomes very difficult to correct the course when trouble arises.

The automation features in Timeneye also include Report scheduling: you can schedule any project, personal, and team report and receive it directly to your email address.

timeneye automated time report
Scheduling project reports

4# Make Better Estimates By Looking At The Past

When you set business goals for yourself and your team, how do you decide on the deadlines? How do you bind your goals to time?

Giving you or the team too little time to reach a goal can wreak the morale, and lead to rushing work. On the other end, giving too much time, or having vague deadlines (or non at all!) increases the risk of going off course.

A time tracking tool like Timeneye stores all the time tracked and all the tasks for each project you’ve worked on. You can see at a glance recaps of statuses, phases, team members, and budgets.

Projects in the Timeneye Project view

Pie charts, progress bars, and graphs are easier to consult and understand than spreadsheets, that’s for sure.

So, use the past data on your projects to make better estimates for your future business ambitions.

Have you tried any of these features? How do you track your goals?

Give these features a try, and learn how to fit time tracking into your daily workflow.

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