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Timeneye + Todoist: A Guide


Are you using Todoist to organize your everyday tasks?

In this guide, I’ll show you how to connect Timeneye and Todoist, and how to track time for your Todoist tasks.

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  • Timeneye integration with Todoist: how it works
  • Adding the Timeneye Browser Widget
  • How to track time for Todoist to-dos
  • How to find the Todoist time on your dashboard

Timeneye integration with Todoist: how it works

Have you ever thought about how much time a task will take? Do you know what parts of your work are taking most of your time?

Time tracking will give you the answers to all these questions, and more. The Timeneye integration with Todoist lets you track time for your todos, directly from inside Todoist. The time tracked is stored in your Timeneye workspace, where you can use it to create timesheets, run reports, and generally take a look at how you’ve spent your day.

This integration is provided by the Timeneye Browser Widget.

Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget for Chrome and Firefox.

Step #1 Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget

First things first, install the Timeneye Widget to your Browser.

Click on the newly-added Timeneye icon on your browser, and log in to Timeneye with your credentials.

You can now track time already!

But if you use the Projects function in Todoist, you may need an extra step, which is to replicate your Todoist projects into Timeneye.

Create Todoist projects in Timeneye

To replicate your Todoist projects in Timeneye, you can:

  • Manually create them in the Projects section;
  • If you have a high number of projects, you can import them from a CSV file (PRO feature).
  • You can connect Todoist and Timeneye with our Zapier integration so that every new project in Todoist creates a new project in Timeneye.

Step #2: Track your time!

The Timeneye Browser Widget adds a little time tracking button next to your todos.

Simply click on the button to track time: select the projects, phase, and decide whether you want to start a timer or save the entry directly.

time tracking button in Todoist by Timeneye

That’s it!

How to find the Todoist time on your dashboard

When you get back in your Timeneye workspace, you’ll be able to recognize the time entries you have created by the Todoist icon, and the task’s name on the entry.

Time tracked with the Timeneye-Todoist integration

Now that the time is safe inside your workspace, you can run your reports, export your timesheets, and see how you’ve been allocating your time.

How to search for all the entries tracked for a Todoist task

To make a report, or to simply search for the time entries you created for a specific task, go in the Entries section of the workspace.

In the Filters on the left, there’s an advanced filter called “Noted and integration info”. Simply enter the name of the task:

time tracking in todoist seen in the timeneye software

Ready to achieve more with Todoist and Timeneye? Use this integration now!

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