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How To Monitor Projects In Timeneye


Welcome back to our “How to Timeneye” series – the guides where we teach you how to use Timeneye to speed up your daily work.

In this article I’ll show you the best ways to monitor projects: from phase management, to budget tracking, to project reporting, all these can be done easily inside Timeneye. 

After this guide you’ll be able not only to know the status of each of your projects, but you’ll learn ways to make the monitoring projects more automated and save lots of time.

Let’s dive in!

#1 The Projects Section

This one’s easy: where do you find all your projects in Timeneye? 

In the Projects Section of course!

The thing is, this section is not simply a list of the projects that you have in your workspace.  

It also shows general information about your projects such as the budget , the billable time, and the client. It’s an easy snapshot of how your projects are going.

You can see it both in the list style… 

…and in the cards style:

The cards are actually clearer and make it obvious how the project has been progressing:

Uh-oh, there’s trouble with that budget!

So only by jumping here, you’ll get a visual overview of the status of your projects and can assess how the work is going.

And speaking of status:

#2 The Project Status View

Click on any project’s name and you’ll access the Project Status view.

This dedicated project view will expand in detail all the information on the projects. 

Let’s focus on the graphs.

The Effort graph lets you see the spikes in the amount of time tracked for the projects. Clearly, when an increase shows that work has been put on the projects for that day:

The Progression graph shows the hours grow over time. It’s crucial if you to see how fast you’re approaching budget completion, for example. 

You can see the same budget progression on the top bar: 

Something definitely went wrong with this one

You can assign part of that budget to a specific phase, or to a specific user. In the Status view, you can also check the completion of the budget assigned to phases and users.

Alex and Jim, what happened?

Thanks to this information, there’ll be no surprises for exceeding budgets, ever. 

#3 The Weekly Recap 

Want to monitor your projects without even opening Timeneye? 

That’s what the Weekly Recap email is for! 

In this email, that is automatically sent to you if you set it (for admins, owners and project managers only!) shows how the team’s time was allocated during the week.

Lots of effort going in that Deerwave project, it seems

Pay attention to the “Skyrocketing” and “Falling” part: a skyrocketing project will show an increase in effort in the last week. Perhaps the team’s rushing before a deadline? Or a client is demanding extra work on the project? 

Similarly, that falling project can signify that some work has been left behind, for whatever reason.

#4 The Reports 

Last but not least, another way to monitor projects without even logging in Timeneye is to schedule reports

While the email recap will show you the general overview of the week, a Project report will show in detail how the time has been allocated for that report, with a breakdown for the people, the phases, the categories used as well as the tags. 

The cool (and time-saving!) part is that you can save any report as a favorite, and then schedule it. When scheduled, you’ll receive it automatically in your email.

You can schedule any type or repot in Timeneye, not just the Project report

And there you have it! This is how you can effortlessly keep an eye on projects, phases, budgets, and resources in Timeneye.

Give these features a try and meet all your project goals!

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