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Measure and Improve Your Productivity With Timeneye’s New Reports


A few days ago we started testing our new reports on Beta. We’ve gathered some feedback and developed the last finishing touches, so today we’re happy to announce that the new Timeneye reports are finally available!

We firmly believe that time tracking is essential to increase productivity. But how can we improve if we don’t measure and analyze how we spend our time?

Here’s a brief guide to what Timeneye’s new reports can do – and how they can help all aspects of your work. Let’s dive in!

New and improved reporting

The new Reports page displays all the types of reports available in Timeneye.

Our users range from freelancers to solopreneurs, up to members of small and big companies accounts and we wanted to provide useful data for all of them.

Everybody can analyze his/her own time tracked in the “Personal” section, and those who manage teams and projects, like admins, project managers, and group managers can run reports on any member’s activities under the “Team” section.

Monitor projects

The Project report allows you to analyze the time spent on one or more projects. Pick a timeframe and you’ll see all the data for the options you selected:

On the top of any report, you’ll see a summary of the total time tracked. If the project is billable, the project report will also calculate the total due according to the billable rate you set up. If the project has a budget, you can check that progression, too.

The Overview graph will show the progression of the time tracked. The Effort graph offers a breakdown by user, so you’ll know at a glance which of your resources is investing too much or too little time on the project(s).

The pie charts at the bottom will show the distribution of the time tracked on phases and phase categories.

Get insights on users’ activities

Our old “User” report got a makeover! Whether it’s about your team or yourself, the Members report shows exactly where hours have been allocated by a member. So no more time wasted tracking down yours or someone else’s timesheet!


Unlock your manager powers with the Groups report

The biggest challenge of managing a team is to make sure everybody’s putting their time and energy to good use.

The brand new Groups report is similar to the Members report, and shows how much time a group has spent and on what (it’s only available for group managers in accounts using the Groups feature).

Check the time tracked across phases

In Timeneye you can create phase categories to identify common working areas and track your phases across projects. But there was no way of actually getting some data out of them.

Now, you can: meet the new Phase categories report.

Never miss a billable minute

Those who bill by the hour know how painfully important it is to make sure time is paid what it deserves. In Timeneye you can set up billable rates and mark your hours as billed or to be billed.

Now you can also run a Billable hours report to check the progression of how much you’ve already billed and how much you still have to include in your client’s invoice.

Find out who takes most of your time

The Clients report has always been a “freelancer’s favorite” and we’ve improved it to give you an overview of the time spent working for your clients. So you’ll know how much time you can allocate and you’ll make better estimates if you are working regularly with that client.

Custom analysis

The Custom report is the most customizable reporting solution we’ve ever introduced. You can pick any filter, any timeframe, to come up with the analysis that best suits your needs.

Make a habit of reporting

A brand new feature: run a report and save it as a favorite by clicking the little star button. You’ll save lots of time and you’ll keep your data consistent.

The feature is currently available for our users on the Business plan (want to get access to the feature? Here’s how to upgrade your account!).

Build transparency

By sharing the data with co-workers and clients you’ll build a culture of trust and establish long-lasting, transparent relationships. All of Timeneye reports can be exported to CSV or PDF.

Last but not least, our PDF reports include graphs as well: many users asked for that, and we delivered! The data on the graphs on the PDF displays exactly what you’ve selected before hitting “Export to PDF”.

UPDATE: We’ve got some brand new guides on our support site to show you all of the new reports functions and how to get data from them. Click here to have a look!

What are you waiting for? Turn on the light on your work and give our reports a try!

Happy tracking!

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