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NEW: Creating New Projects and Phases On the Go


The Holiday Season is over, the year 2018 has started, we’re back in the office!

To kickstart the New Year, we’d like to introduce you to a long-awaited feature. It’s apparently small, but we think it’ll make a big difference for our users who are always on-the-go

It’s now possible to create projects and phases from Timeneye mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

When we designed our mobile apps for iOS and Android, we wanted to create simple time tracking apps to start and stop timers anywhere, anytime. When we redesigned our mobile apps, we added many features such as the personal recaps, suggestions and offline time tracking.

We wanted to give our users the possibility to track time wherever they wanted, and also to manage their projects out of the office without having to log in to the web app.

Creating New Projects on the Mobile Apps

On the mobile apps, open the Register time dialog. Tap on the Project field, and it should open the list of existing projects to select: from now on, you should also see a Create new project option:

Type a name for your project, then add at least one phase: when you click on the Phases field, the app will auto-suggest the most common phases you’ve used in Timeneye (just like in the Web app after we’ve introduced the new Create project view). You can also add your team members to the project:

Adding New Phases using the Mobile Apps

“What if I have to add new phases to my projects?”

From now on it’ll be possible to add new phases using the Timeneye apps for iOS and Android:

When selecting a phase, simply click Create a new phase, add a Name and Save.

We hope that this update will help you keeping track of your time and give your New Year’s productivity a boost! Meanwhile, we’ll keep working to provide you with smart, simple and effective time tracking. Stay tuned!

Make sure to give this update a try and let us know what you think. If you haven’t downloaded the Timeneye apps for iOS and Android yet, get them now from the App Store and Google Play and start tracking!

Wishing you all a productive 2018!

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