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NEW on the Timeneye mobile apps: Project Status and more!


What if you could keep an eye on your projects and time on-the-go, by simply keeping them in your pocket? Well, now you can!

We just released some new cool features for the Timeneye apps for Android and iOs. You can now check the projects’ status on mobile, use the app to filter your entries, and more.

Timeneye app for Android

We did a little reorganization in the Timeneye app for Android with a brand new menu, to keep all things in their place. From the menu, you can access the list of your active/pending Timers, the Entries, the Projects, and the Settings.

In Timers for example, you can see at a glance all your active and pending timers, and stop or pause them from there.

Timeneye app for iOS

The Timeneye app for iOS got a little re-organisation, too. Now you can find a new Projects section under the menu on the bottom right, as well as the Settings.

In case you haven’t done it already, download and install the Timeneye apps for Android and iOS!

What’s new

Easily filter your time entries

In the Entries list of both apps, you’ll see all the time entries that you have saved.

But it doesn’t end here! Let’s say that you have to check a specific set of entries, and you don’t want to endlessly scroll down the list. Now you can click on the “Filters” button on the top right, and you can sort out your entries by Project, Phase or Timeframe.


Check the status of your projects on the Timeneye mobile app

Tracking time using the app is fine, but how about when you have to check how are your projects going?

You’ll find the projects you have access to under Projects, both active and archived. From there, you can easily create a new one, too. Very useful for when you meet a new client on the field.

Let’s say you’re out of the office, or stuck in a meeting, and you need to quickly monitor the work you’ve been doing on a project.

Now you can do it from the app: by clicking on the project’s name you’ll see a brief recap of the time you’ve tracked, with the total of hours and an effort graph that you can scroll in the 7-week timeframe. Click on a specific point of the graph to see the entries you tracked for that day.

Check active timers on the Android app

This top-requested feature is now finally available: from now on, on the Timeneye app for Android, a widget will let you check, pause, or save an active timer without having to open the app every time. Easy as that!

Be productive wherever you are: give the apps a try and let us know your thoughts.

Give it a try and sign up for a free 30-day Timeneye trial!

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