May 19, 2021

The Easiest Way To Know How Much Time You Spend On Your Tasks

You know the old saying “Time flies when you’re having fun?”.

Turns out, time also flies if you’re not in control of your day. And that tends to happen if you can’t manage your daily tasks and your schedule.

Keeping track of time is generally a good way to keep productive all day. If you track time for the tasks you work on each day, not only you’ll be more effective with your time, but you’ll also learn what tasks have been taking away most of your time.

Let’s see how!

Task Tracking 2021: The Best Time Tracking Solution

There are many ways to keep track of time. Some, however, are more effective then others.

The simplest way to track time, for example, is using spreadsheets: users record the time spent and other information regarding the task or the project. However, spreadsheets are not a good way to track time for everyday tasks. Among the many reasons not to use spreadsheets to track tim, it’s a lot of manual labor, it’s inaccurate because employees have to guesstimate, and after a while, the sheet becomes impossible to read.

The best way to track time spent on daily task is: time tracking software.

Among the several time tracking solutions out there, we surely reccomend Timeneye!

timeneye time tracking for your daily tasks
Timeneye time tracking

And the reason for that is not only does Timeneye let users track time effectively, but it integrates with several popular tasks and to-do list software. Timeneye isn’t just a timesheet, but it adds several visual reporting tools to literally see where the time went.

How Do You Track How Much Time You Spend On Tasks At Work?

Whether you use Timeneye, or another time tracking software solution, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure before you begin!

If tracking time isn’t your habit, you have to make sure to fit it into your daily work.

First, get started by signing up for the time tracking software account. In Timeneye, you can do it from the website. Then, what you have to do is create your first project.

When you track time, it’s crucial as accurate as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of hours that will be unaccounted for, because you don’t know where you spent them.

As you set your projects in Timeneye, you will also break them down in phases:

timeneye project phases breakdown
Every content marketing activity will require you some time, as show in this Timeneye project view

And now you can track your time, making sure you assign the time to the correct project and phase you’re working on.

How To Connect Timeneye And Todo List Apps

If you keep organized every day using to do list and task management software, you can add Timeneye and time tracking to those too.

This way, you won’t have to switch between multiple tabs and you’ll focus on the task, right where you are.

Timeneye helps you tack time for the tasks thanks to native connections and also the handy Timeneye Browser extension.

  • For tracking time for Asana tasks and Basecamp to dos:
    Track time for Asana tasks and Basecamp todos with a combination of the browser widget for starting timers, or leaving a comment on the task/todo with the time spent, o for marking them as complete
  • Tracking time for Clickup and Microsoft Planner:
    Sync your ClickUp projects and Microsoft Planner plans with Timeneye, and then use the Timeneye Browser widget to track time
  • Tracking time in Todoist, Taskade, Microsoft To Do, Trello:
    Add the Timeneye Browser widget and use the widget button to track time

The integrations will link the time you track to the specific task you’re working on.

An example of time tracking paired with Taskade. Notice the Taskade logo on the entries.

How Do You Know Which Tasks Are Taking Most Of Your Time?

How do you know if you’ve spent your time well?

A time audit will show you how you have allocated yout time across your projects. You’ll also know which project, or client, or task, has taken most of your time.

If you have been using a time tracking tool to track your time, you can take advantage of the data you have saved in the software and get time insights. It’s waaay more efficient than extracting data from endless spreadsheet rows, or worse, rely on our memory and guess where what did you work on last month.

For example, in Timeneye’s Personal report section, you’ll see how you’ve used the time across all the projects:

tracking time for personal tasks

If you need to take a look at all the single tasks you have tracked with the integrations we mentioned above, you can go in the Entries section and extract an itemized list of all the tasks and the time you tracked.

How much should you spend on repetitive tasks?

You can use a calendar to get organized and track your repetitive tasks, and pair it with a time tracking software.

You can create recurring events for the task you do often, and then sync your calendar with Timeneye.

Using a calendar from productivity is not only useful to remember tasks and appointments, but also for time blocking or deep work.

If the calendar event is synced in Timeneye, all you need to do is to look for it in the Timeneye dashboard, and use the suggestion to track time.


How do you keep track of your tasks at work? How do you know if you’re being productive?

Using time tracking software paired with to-do apps and task management tools will help you be more organized, make a better use of your time, and managing your schedule more efficiently.

Sign up for a free Timeneye trial and start to improve your productivity today!


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