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NEW: introducing Time rounding in your time reports


We've been working hard to bring you a much-requested feature: time rounding is now available in Timeneye!

If you head to the Reports section of the workspace, you'll notice, in the top right under the filters a brand-new option:

Time rounding_email header (2)


In the Reports section of Timeneye, you can run and customize all the time reports you need, by picking from the numerous filters on the top section of the page.

Now, you'll find a new option called Rounding.

Time rounding is a useful feature (sometimes even mandatory) for calculating accurate payroll and invoices. Once activated, it will round your totals, as shown in the report according to the filters you chose, to the increments you selected.

Of course, you can also switch off this feature and the system will change the totals back to the exact amounts.

time rounding option off


By clicking the switch (it'll turn green) you'll be able to activate the feature.

It'll open a menu from which you can decide how you want your time rounded.

The picture below shows the option "Round to nearest 5 minutes", but there are actually many other increments available.

time rounding option round to nearest 5 minutes


This feature is pretty straightforward. After you click "Apply", the totals will be rounded according to the settings you chose.

(Please note that the totals will be rounded in the reports only, the change will now be applied to the Projects dashboards for example). 

What do you think? Head to the Reports section of your workspace and try this feature. Make sure to leave us your feedback: in fact, we have a dedicated board where we keep our roadmap, users' comments, and suggestions.

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