August 9, 2018

Five Handy Tools Fast-growing Businesses Use To Optimize Work

According to the latest study on time management, 63% of business owners work more than 50 hours per week. There are plenty of tools that can help you cut the time spent on work by optimizing tedious activities. Here’s our selection of time-saving solutions for the fastest growing businesses.

#1 Communication → Slack

Slack is one of the most hyped communication tools today, especially in the developer community. But it’s not only targeted specifically at programmers and other IT employees. Anyone can use Slack and enjoy how flexible and fun online communication can be which is especially important for companies employing remote workers.

Slack comes with team-based and private channels, as well as video calls and screen sharing options. Custom notifications help employees keep track of topics they’re the most interested in.

You’re likely to enjoy the immense library of Slack Apps (integrations), from Google Drive, to Trello, to GitHub. For example, you can set up Slack apps to post messages directly in selected Slack channels to notify the whole group about important events, upcoming meetings, reports, etc.

How it’ll save your time: you can make Slack the center of communication in your company that combines email, IM, file sharing, and video call capabilities

How much it costs: free for up to 10k messages & up to 10 apps, $6.67 / user for unlimited messages & apps

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#2 Project managementTrello

One of the smartest ways to save time in your company is by using a project management tool that helps you organize all work around projects and tasks.

Trello uses the concept of boards (projects) and cards (tasks) with in-line editing and drag-and-drop functionality to help you visualize the scope of work necessary and the current progress. The system lets you easily track assignments and progress, set up email notifications, and discuss tasks in real time—all changes to Trello boards and tasks are visible without refreshing the page.

How it’ll save your time: log work progress, assign and discuss tasks faster and more efficiently

How much it costs: free with 1 “power-up” integration & 10MB attachments, $9.99 / user for unlimited “power-ups” and 250MB attachments

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#3 Time tracking → Timeneye

Many small companies employ freelancers or regular workers on time-based contracts. It means that workers have to log work hours and then the payment is calculated on a per-hour basis. Timeneye is a time tracking system that helps companies handle all activities around time-related contracts.

Timeneye offers time-tracking via timers or manual entries, with project and team management capabilities, as well as advanced reporting. Workers can submit timesheets through convenient Android and iOS apps. The system gives managers an overview of how much time different projects take to improve productivity levels and ensure they spend time and resources effectively.

How it’ll save your time: Timeneye ensures that submitting timesheets is effortless, easy to manage and report on

How much it costs: basic plan is free for a single user, paying Pro plans $7 per user, per month

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#4 Accounting and invoicing → QuickBooks online

QuickBooks Online is arguably one of the most powerful yet still easy to use all-in-one cloud accounting solutions. It’s used by freelancers and sole traders, as well as larger organizations, who record their income and expenses to calculate taxes and keep tax records in order.

QBO users can feed their accounting records with information directly from their bank accounts via handy integrations with banking systems. Additionally, Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, offers one of the largest app marketplaces of its kind through which you can sync your accounting data with numerous services such as CRMs, payment solutions, eCommerce platforms, POS systems, and a lot more.

How it’ll save your time: QBO simplifies and speeds up invoicing, tracking expenses, calculating taxes and keeping accounting records

How much it costs: from $10 / month for self-employed

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#5 Data extraction and expense management → Arbitrue

Arbitrue is a simple data extraction solution for invoices and receipts. It uses sophisticated OCR-based algorithms in order to capture all essential invoice data to speed up bookkeeping. Since no manual data entry is involved, Arbitrue users get results immediately for approval and 1-click export to accounting records or CSV.

The system also works as a handy storage for all expense-related files that multiple users can access simultaneously. Non-finance people can upload their invoices and receipts, while accountants and bookkeepers approve these files and export to the company accounting records.

How it’ll save your time: you can spend less time on invoice data entry and exporting expense-related files to accounting records

How much it costs: 15p / document

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