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NEW! Time Tracking In Microsoft Teams


You’ve asked for it, we delivered. 😎

Teams worldwide now have a new tool to keep productive: Timeneye integrates with Microsoft Teams.

See it action: try the new Timeneye + Microsoft Teams integration today!

Let’s see how it to track time in Microsoft Teams with Timeneye.

With so many companies and teams going full remote due to the pandemic, tools for distributed teams like Microsoft Teams have skyrocketed in the last year.

So when we started getting requests from users who needed a time tracking tool inside Microsoft Teams, we immediately rolled up our sleeves and started working on the integration.

And now we’re happy to say that the Timeneye integration with Microsoft Teams is finally available!

This integration completes the full circle of time tracking for other Microsoft Products, like our time tracking integration for Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To Do (both provided by the Timeneye Browser Widget) and the integration with Outlook Calendar events.

What you can do with this integration:

  • Track time for your projects without leaving Microsoft Teams
  • Keep an eye on your project and budgets
  • Run reports on the teams’ productivity

How To Add Time Tracking In Microsoft Teams

You can add Timeneye and track your time in Microsoft Teams by going in the Apps sections of teams. You’ll find Timeneye in the “Productivity” category.

microsoft time tracking by timeneye in the app store


When you have added the Timeneye app, you’ll see a brand new section appear in your Microsoft Teams account.

Tracking Time Inside Microsoft Teams

Now you have your Timeneye dashboard right there in Microsoft Teams. Just click on the Register Time button to track time.

That’s it!



As you can see from the Timeneye app, you can move to different sections of your Timeneye account: the Dashboard, the Projects section, and the Reports.

ms teams time report
Keep an eye on your projects inside Microsoft Teams


Please note: this is a simplified version of the web app that gives you the essential tools to track time, monitor projects, and run reports. If you need to access the other sections of Timeneye, log in to the web app at

Start tracking time in Microsoft Teams

Try this and all our other integration with Microsoft 365, keep productive every today!



New to Timeneye? Click here to learn more about how we're the best time tracking software for the Microsoft Suite.


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