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5 Powerful Features To Help You Use Timeneye To The Fullest


Can you unlock new levels of productivity and achieve more in your day? 

Yes, with Timeneye! 

In our “How to Timeneye” series, we’ll present five features that will help you use Timeneye to the fullest – meaning that you can bring time tracking to your daily routine and make your day even more efficient.

5 Timeneye Features To Make Your Daily Work Easier

1) Stop The Tab Switching With The Browser Widget 

Install the Timeneye Browser Widget on your Chrome or Firefox Browser. It tasks less than two minutes and will help you track time wherever you are on the web.

We all know the web app interface where you can track your time, run reports, and keep an eye on your projects. But with the Timeneye Widget, you can track time without going back and forth on different tabs. 

Simply click on the button to track your time. Not only you can track time, but you can also create projects and phases on the go, with no need to go back to the web app. 

But one of the biggest upsides of the Timeneye widget is that it integrates with lots of different services. That means the widget adds a small Timeneye button next to tasks, to-dos, or items in other services so that you can track time and link it to the task in particular. 

We offer integrations with AsanaMicrosoft To DoMicrosoft PlannerBasecampClickUp, and to-do list software like Todoist and Taskade. For developers, we also have integrations with GitLab and GitHub

So as you can see, adding the Widget will really help you be more productive in your workflow.

2) Never Miss On Your Daily Schedule By Linking The Calendars 

Since we mentioned the integrations, how about connecting your calendar with Timeneye? 

With his integration, you can keep your schedule under control, and track time for all your daily events, meetings, and conference calls. 

Timeneye syncs with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Link your calendar and you’ll see your events as suggestions popping up in Timeneye. 

3) Get Weekly Updates In Your Email 

How is the work progressing? There are many ways to keep up with your project’s status win Timeneye. 

The fastest is to receive updates directly in your email. So why not activate the Weekly email recap

You can do it from App&User settings

Every week you’ll receive your recap in your inbox. What’s cool about this email is that not only it sums up the number of hours, but it also tells which project is skyrocketing or falling (i.e., there were too many or too few hours registered for some reason).

You’ll know immediately which project has taken most of the time, and if you see a spike, you can investigate what happened.

4) Automate All The Reports 

Automation can help us achieve so much in our day. And automation is available in Timeneye, too! 

Since we mentioned the reports, here’s a top feature of Timeneye: you can automate any type of report. Just schedule it with the frequency you need – daily, weekly, or monthly- to have it run automatically, and delivered to your inbox.

From Project reports to Team reports, including Billable or Client types, or also data exports, use the Automation option to receive the report via email.

5) Tag ALL The Entries  

No more confusion and time you don’t know what you spent on: Tags help you categorize time in all the levels you need. First, create the Tag lists, then add all your colorful tags to the lists.

You can add your tags when you track time, and you’ll see them appear on the cards. 

Last but not least, you run reports on tags, and schedule them of course! 

Give these features a try and let us know which ones you use most! If want more tips and tricks on how to use Timeneye, check out our full How to Timeneye Series.

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