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Easily Track Your Daily Tasks, with Timeneye's new Tasks section


We're excited to introduce our new Tasks section, which will help you manage your daily tasks, keep track of your time, and stay productive, all in one place. We know this new feature will make your day-to-day life a bit easier and more organized!

After a lot of trial and error, and gathering feedback from our users, we want to share the biggest update we've made so far: a new, improved way of managing your tasks, called the "Tasks" section.

Thanks to the brand new Tasks section you'll be able to:

  • Always know what you're supposed to work on;
  • See at a glance deadlines and priorities;
  • Never lose sight of your tasks when you're working on multiple projects;
  • Keep your Timeneye Tasks, Microsoft Planner Tasks, and Microsoft To Dos all in one place;
  • Work on tasks and track time seamlessly, without distractions.

Where's your new Tasks section?

If you have already activated the Task management feature from the Settings of your Workspace, you'll see the new Tasks section right on the left in the menu.

my tasks section

(If you don't see it yet, it's possible that the feature hasn't been turned on yet. If you're the owner of the workspace, activate the feature from Management>Workspace settings).


Your daily tasks, beautifully organized

In the new section, you will be presented with three options to view your tasks conveniently. These include a dedicated menu item called "Tasks," where you can also go to create new tasks:

timeneye my tasks

Additionally, there is the "Assigned to me" view for a personalized task overview, as well as the "Browser extension" view, where you can find all tasks created via the Timeneye Browser Widget.

You can switch easily between the three views to find exactly the tasks you need.

Immediately below that, you'll have a clear view of all the Timeneye projects that have tasks allocated to them. It will be effortlessly simple to visualize and focus on the tasks associated with a specific project.

timeneye project tasks

Create, Manage, and Track your Tasks

The Tasks view doesn't only serve the purpose of keeping your tasks in one place. You can also access all our task management features, such as:

  • import your personal tasks from Microsoft To Do;
  • see and create personal tasks in the Tasks section thanks to the "Create new Task" button;
  • monitor tasks assigned to you from the "Assigned to me" section;
  • easily track time for your tasks, thanks to the "Add time" buttons;
  • mark tasks as completed.

track timeneye tasks

What are you waiting for? Try the new Tasks section and unlock the secrets to optimizing your daily productivity!


What you should do now?

Here are two options to kickstart your journey toward enhanced productivity:

1) Try Timeneye for free. If you’d like to see Timeneye in action and possibly test it with your team, you can start your free trial today. 

2) Schedule a demo session with us, where we can show you around, answer your questions, and help you see if Timeneye is the right tool for your company.








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